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  • Paul O

    Paul O

  • Nat


    Dog Lover | Business News | Data Science | Writer of the daily newsletter https://medium.com/coffeemoney

  • Raanan Azoulai

    Raanan Azoulai

    VP at Reflectiz with over 20/y of experience in marketing, hi-tech and startups. Reflectiz is the leading provider of third-party application security solutions

  • Anne Martens

    Anne Martens

  • Yoav Elata

    Yoav Elata

    Cyber enthusiast, CSOC Manager and Senior Analyst at BugSec, B.A. in Philosophy, Cognitive science, and Computer science. Autodidacticism is a guiding principle

  • Dan Schoenbaum

    Dan Schoenbaum

    Managing Partner, Hightide Advisors (www.hightide-advisors.com) 2x CEO, 2x COO. Company builder, GTM & Biz Dev Expert, marathoner, Former IDF Sniper.

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